Clients Say

Exceptional, unique and entertaining

Mr.Eman is professional, talented, dynamic and engaging. He ensured that our guests were fully entertained. He left us all in complete awe the entire time. The only regret we have is not booking Mr.Eman for the entire day.Thank you so much for entertaining our guests with your tricks and talents,
making our wedding exceptional, unique and entertaining "

 Bronson & Nicole

I will never forget that!

"[Mr Eman] was there when Phil and I got together. He made a dime curl up in our hands while we held them together. I kept the dime, and it's part of our "family history." We are now married and have a child. Thanks for such a romantic story. I will never forget that."

Sarah and Phil

You won't be disappointed!

"Mr Eman was invited to be a part of the recent Official Opening of Malahide Community Place in Springfield, Ontario.  We were hoping to feature a unique and entertaining act, and that’s exactly what we got!  Mr Eman’s gentle humour and intriguing illusions created a perfect performing balance that captured the imagination of everyone who watched his show.  He actively involved the audience of all ages in each of his magical presentations. The reactions of awe and curiosity to each of Mr Eman’s surprises were combined with loud and hearty laughter.  All of this was a welcome addition to a delightful and memorable community event.

I would enthusiastically recommend Mr Eman to anyone looking to add enchantment and mystery to an upcoming special occasion. You won’t be disappointed! "

Dianne Morgan
Community Services Coordinator
Township of Malahide    

One he(ck) of an entertainer

"Mr.Eman is one hell of an entertainer...from the outfits, the energy and the (well, of course) the MAGIC!
I am so happy that we found such an awesome local magician!
..Oh and his vocals hit the spot too! "

Ali Al-Saady
WASA President