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Hiring a magician is no everyday task and you are bound to have some questions. In order to give me an idea of the scale of your event, please fill in the form on the side and click "submit form" when you are finished.

If yours is a truly unique situation, and would like to discuss it more fully, please send me an email at

with any questions that may arise.

My goal is to make your event one of a kind and for you to be a successful event planner. The more customization we can collaborate on, the better suited the entertainment will be to your specific needs. Let me know in the message if you require candy girls, acrobats or fire breathers.

Make sure to book at least a few weeks ahead to avoid conflict. My schedule becomes busy around the holidays and i don't want you feeling left out. In such an event i will try my best to enlist a similar performer from the area if i'm not able to make it.

I look forward to your business and good luck!