When would be the best time during our wedding to use a wedding magician?

Mr.Eman can help break the ice and keep the energy flowing by mingling and entertaining your guests. Virtually shrinking any foreseeable delays that usually occur. There are several main events that are bound to have these awkward delays.

Wedding Photos

These are traditionally taken after the ceremony, the wedding photographer whisks the bride and groom away for photographs. during this time there's usually some 'dead air' as many guests are not involved with the majority of the photos. This is an ideal time for a performance of intimate close up magic while the guests drink the complimentary wine. The magician will mingle and mix with the guests and introduce them to each other as they are being entertained.

Evening Reception

After all the speeches and tears and the alcohol is starting to kick in, the mood becomes shifts to a cocktail party environment. This is another perfect time for some close up entertainment, right before the dance floor gets into full swing. After talking to some guests, i personally found that not everyone likes to strut their stuff on the dance floor. Some choose to hang back and be more of an observer. Or take a break from the dancing. These non dancing guests are often neglected, make sure they are entertained (with magic) so everyone can have an enjoyable time. A separate, quieter room is preferred but not absolutely necessary.

Wedding Breakfasts/Dinners

When guests settle down for a meal, they are bound to sit and share a table with people they've never met before. A magician can fill the void here with a short show. providing that much needed initial talking point required to get your guests chatting.

Best Man's Speech

There are several nervous times that are not always age appropriate, and the best's man's speech is at the top of the list. Mr.Eman can put on a separate children focused magic show in a separate room to entertain and distract the kids. While the adults share all the details. No need to censor anything out ;)

Having Mr.Eman entertain at our wedding was beneficial on many levels. Mr.Eman engaged our guests, talked with them and made personal connections. This helped to make guests feel comfortable and fully entertained. Those who didn't think they'd be entertained, were the ones who kept by Mr.Eman's side to see '"just one more trick" Mr.Eman will not disappoint!

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