Why are you perfect?

Mr.Eman only looks good if you look good. So that's the main objective here. You will always look good because you'll have the best outfits, but you're not always there to watch over everything. He will do everything he can to make sure your big day is a great success. Especially eliminating some of the dead air moments. 

Mr.Eman has been performing for the last decade around the world and he prides himself on being appropriate for everyone. The magical performances have crossed cultural, language and age barriers. He has something unique to offer for everyone he interacts with. 

Some other subtleties learned from experience; as Mr.Eman is performing and interacting with your guests, he will use their names often. This eliminates some of the awkwardness that we all feel when we recognize a face but can't think of the name. After the personal mini magic show is done, your guests will start talking to each other, feeling more comfortable and familiar. This creates a pleasant relaxed family atmosphere.

Mr.Eman will put together an optional ( yet popular ) magical effect specifically for the bride and groom that the entire crowd can witness at once. He has performed this gem in front of large crowds and is always talked about.

Unlike some magicians you might have seen, Mr.Eman never humiliates or patronizes your guests. Instead, they get involved in the magic routines in such a way that they become the stars of the show. The magic happens in their hands and their friends ask THEM how they did/know that. If you have seen Mr.Eman perform before, you probably already know this.

Your guests are going to be talking for weeks after your event. Mr.Eman is so confident that he guarantees your wedding will be  more memorable with magic. If not, then a refund will be issued and you will be reimbursed.

Mr.Eman is a professional, talented, dynamic and engaging. He ensured that our guests were fully entertained. He left us all in complete awe throughout the entire time that he was there. It was particularly special to us, as bride and groom, when Mr.Eman performed tricks for just the two of us. The coin trick was remarkable and we were so pleased that we were able to keep the special coin as a keepsake. We were completely satisfied with the service we received from Mr.Eman. The only regret we have is not booking Mr.Eman for the entire day!

Bronson & Nicole
Newly Weds