Wedding and Magic? Do they go together?

The main low point of any wedding is all the down time that your guests are just bored and waiting. Mr.Eman can help break the ice and keep the energy flowing by mingling and entertaining your guests. Virtually shrinking any inevitable delays that usually occur. If the guests are having fun, the time will fly right by and you will look like a hero. 

Having a wedding magician is a popular and the ideal choice for weddings because of several factors:

  • •             Removes the inevitable dead-time and keeps the day moving smoothly
  • •             The magician brings both sides of the family together creating an initial talking point, eliminating some awkwardness. 
  • •             Makes your day even more magical by adding a special 'wow' factor.
  • •             A great atmosphere is created with cheers, claps and applauses.
  • •             Unlike other forms of entertainment, magic is universal and is appreciated and understood by everyone.
  • •             Your wedding videos will be very popular with everyone.

When a group sees a performance up close, they will respond with laughing or gasping, and other guests will want to know what is going on. Word spreads throughout the room and before you know it a wonderful atmosphere of anticipation and fun is created.

If you've seen a good wedding magician before, then you probably already know how much of a great impact is made on any Wedding, it breaks the ice between guests and boosts the atmosphere with laughs and sheer amazement. A wedding magician can add elegance and charm and create delightful memories for your guests while offering a truly unique experience that will be talked about. 

To know how to best use a magician in your wedding, you'll need to know WHEN to have the performances. 

Our guests were delightfully surprised with Mr.Eman's magic and entertainment. They told us that they had never seen magic at a wedding before and after experiencing it at our wedding, that they would highly recommend it to others for a wedding. They were in disbelief with some of the tricks and were telling us that they were still baffled and amazed at the tricks that they saw"

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